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1 out of 5 children in New Jersey struggles with hunger. 

The rates of food insecure children are higher in South Jersey than in all other areas of the state. The Hunger Foundation of Southern Ocean, with the support of our community, aims to end hunger in Southern Ocean County.

a Community where all our

neighbors are free from hunger


Single Donation

Collection boxes

Monthly Donation

A single donation makes a huge impact, every dollar equals 3 meals. If you cannot make it to one of our events or volunteer, you can donate here! We appreciate you joining us in the fight against hunger. Every penny counts!

We are grateful for all the support we receive from our local community members through our collecting boxes placed in various local businesses. The following donations help us fund seven local food pantries, and feed countless Southern Jersey families in need.

If you are a business owner and would like to help us fight hunger in our community, then contact us now to request our change box to be placed in your store!

Sign up to make a monthly/recurring donation to The Hunger Foundation of Southern Ocean, 

It’s A Great Way To Give Without Feeling The Pinch. Click The Link Below, Set Your Donation Amount And Then You Will Be Helping Every Month! 





feed your mind LBI's Cookbook Logo.jpg

Feed Your Mind Cookbook Long Beach Island's New Cookbook has more than 45 original, delicious and savory dishes.Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Hunger Foundation of Southern Ocean to help feed our neighbors.

Did you know you can also support us by eating crepes?

For every crepe order, $1 goes to the Hunger Foundation to help families in need. Two large fresh made light & airy crepes with a hint of vanilla. Visit them in Surf City or you can order online.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 12.27.36

If you are a business owner and would like to help us fight hunger in our community, then contact us now to discuss your idea!


Alexander McWilliams

Anderson Insurance Agency

Anchor Appliance


Avalon Flooring

Barb Wilkinson

Bay Magazine/Gary Henderson

Bella Donna

Between the Sheets, LLC

Bistro 14

Black Sheep

Brion Kavanagh/NYLIFE

Calloways Bar & Restaurant

Candance & Larry Winter

Carol Powers

Chloe Dondero

Courtney Skudalski


Daddy O’s

Dan & Terry Taylor

David Dunleavy

David R. Young


Ellen Dondero Meyer

Ellen Lucas/G. Anderson Agency

Fantasy Island/Brian Wainwright

Farias Surf & Sport

Fireplaces Plus

GT Sportfishing and lures

Hot or Not Yoga

How you Brewin

Howards Restaurant

Jenna Miller@Jenna Janes

Jill Svelling Beachshabby

John Grifo/Johnny Ocean Enterprises

Kaplers Pharmacy

Leah Morgan Art Work

Len Elich

Little Water Distillery

Lori Anderson

Lou’s Electric

Mark & Peg Reynolds

Mary Hoffman Keady

Mayetta Painting and Staining

McCabe Family

Medicine Solutions

Melanie Magaziner

Missy Maschal

Munionfield Maker

Nikki Heckelmann

Ocean Acupuncture

Oskar Huber Furniture/Design

Pan & Pal Masturzo

Pamela & Robert Zeleznok

Panzones Pizza & Pasta

Patrick Moeller



Rebecca Gee

Reynolds Garden Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Roselle Tazza

Sandy Banks

Scojos Eatery

Southern Ocean County Surgical Assoc.

Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce

Chef Ian Smith

Steve Miller

Sundaes in Toms River

Surf City Hotel

Surf Shack/Don Miller

Surfside Casual Furniture

Susan & Frank Hughes

The Gables Historic Inn & Rest.

The Spotted Whale

The Tide Table Group

Tina Berman @ Mod Hatter

Tom Gormley

Tony’s Bait & Tackle


Uncle Wills

Vincent & Gina Cavallaro

VTA Performance

W. Curtis Dowell, PC

Walters Bicycles

Hands Store

Thank you again to all our wonderful

partners, sponsors and supporters

for joining in the fight to end hunger!

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