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Taste...A Tradition Of Chef's Caring For Community

For over a quarter century many Southern Ocean County Chef's have gathered annually to offer a culinary experience called "Taste", that delights the senses in order to bring attention to the work our local community food pantries do in their efforts to end hunger. In 2020, when the Covid Pandemic hit our 25th Annual Event had to be cancelled and since then the event has been re-imagined in a bit different manner.

In 2021, launched "Taste @ Home" which merged a live dinner at Ott's with a Taste @ Home Dinner that included live Chef's Demos to follow along with at home. See Below For The Recipes from 2021.

For 2022 We are excited to announce that HFOSO will once again be offering a Live Dinner at Ott's "Solstice Soiree" and a special option Taste @ Home Solstice Soiree Party Package for up to 8 people.  . See Below For Details. 

We will also be offering a number of "Taste @ Home" offers from our culinary partners through out the year and encourage you to watch for them.  

August 2022 - Taste @ Home Event 
Panzone's Presents - Pie It Forward 

PANZONE’S PIZZA & PASTA always supports the efforts of HFOSO, in fact Frank Panzone founder of the restaurant was a founding member of HFOSO, and the tradition of supporting our cause continues with the next generation of the family owned restaurant that has a 42 Year tradition of serving LBI's families.  This August Panzone's is holding a Dough Raiser  Called - Pie It Forward.  They will be offering 2 kinds of take and bake pizza kits - Option 1 is the  Feel The Knead Kit  which includes dough to stretch on your own or Option 2 which includes a par baked crust ready to top. Below is a link to purchase these options and support HFOSO. 

Kits can be picked up at the Panzone's Beach Haven Location Only - Aug. 22nd, 24th, and 26th from Noon - 6pm

All Kits Must be Ordered 2 Days In Advance. 

solstice webpage.png

June 21st 6pm

Taste At Home Packages 2022.png

Please Be Sure To Support Our 2022 Participating Restaurants

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